Re-railing equipment

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Re-railing equipment


The rerailing systems that we import are hydraulic. The possibility of elevation and rerailing reaches up to the heavier vehicles, while this operations are executed by hydraulic rolls.

The mechanically-driven pump of the system, supplies the rolls with the required pressure of oil, so as to achieve elevation as well as reintroduction in the pistons. The rerailing the train, is finally checked by valves of precision.

Technical advantages:

  1. Fast operation because of hydraulic reintroduction of rolls.
  2. Precise elevation/reintroduction of rolls in scale of milimetres, because of the precision of the valves.
  3. Easy transport, assembly and use of the system due to its low weight.
  4. Fast and secure connection between all elements.
  5. Operation by distance of safety.
  6. Reliable operation even in very high temperatures.
  7. Because of their bases, the rolls have particularly reliable stability.
  8. Protection of rolls from excessive charge valves.
  9. Automatic fuse for conservation of charge in case of circuit pressure loss.
  10. The control panel and the pump can be used as one unit but also as two separate appliances.
  11. Even proportion between closed/open way of rolls.

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