Valves - Safety valves

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Valves - Safety valves


The Quality Assurance System of SAPAG is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 which is approved by the "LLOYDS REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE".

The valves are certified by major organizations and institutions including LLOYD'S, TÜV, ASME, TMB, SQLO. Safety is at the forefront of all activities thanks to strictly implemented testing programs. This guarantees high quality and reliability.

Size and materials Main Applications Feature ISOLATION VALVES
Pressure class: 600 to 4500 Non return Flanged butt weld and special connections High Pressure Check Valves
Sizes: 200 - 300 and larger
Temp. Range: 45o C + 815o C
Materials: Carbon, alloy and stainless steel and special alloys
Standards: ASME B16, 34, 1996 (Addendum ASME B16, 34s, 1998)

Pressure Rating:from 1 (15 psig) to 414 bar (6000 psig)

Sizes:" orifice D to 8" x 10" orfice T and larger
Temp. Range: 270o C + 815o C Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, Exotic (monel duplex) Standards: ASME, VII, TUV, SQLO…
  • Oil & gas
  • Process
  • Refinery
  • LNH
  • Steam
  • Chemicals
  • High Capacity
  • Pop action
  • Full nozzle
  • Integral flanges
  • Closed or open bonnet
  • Conventional & balanced bellows
  • ANSI or DIN flanges
  • Design and dimensions according to API 526
  • UV Stamp
Process Saftey Valves

Pressure Rating: Up to 345 bar (5000 psig)
Sizes: ½" - 2"
Temp. Range: 270o C + 400o C
Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, special allows
Standards ASME VII, TUV, SQLO…

  • Thermal expansion
  • Process
  • Piping & compressor
  • Screwed or threaded to any type of connections (NPT, GAS…)
  • Flanged to ANSI or DIN
  • Socket welded

Expansion Safety Valves

Pressure Rating: up to 220barg (3000 psig)
Sizes: ½" X 3" to 6" X 10"
Temp. Range: up to 595 C Materials: Carbon steel body (up to 400 C) Chromium alloy body (up to 595o C) Monel internals - stellited nozzle

  • Power
  • Steam
  • Boiler and HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator)
  • Power
  • Steam
  • Boiler and HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator)

Steam Safety ValvesSteam
Safety ValvesChangeover Valves

Pressure Rating: up to 250 bar h
Sizes: Ύ” to 10”
Temp. Range: 45o C – 427o C Material Carbon steel (WCB) or (LCB)

  • Storage tank
  • Liquified gas
  • Storage tank
  • Liquified gas
Changeover Valves

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